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Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit, Hand Poke Tattoo Kit or Bamboo Style Tattoo Kit as called in Thailand.

Hand Poke sticks for sale You can buy this Stick and Poke kit below. Sak, in Thai means poke. We have many designs but this one is the most popular as it does the best tattoos. You can also buy blessed sticks/rods as all Thai hand poke tattooist/masters like them blessed for good luck. We will make them the best kits you can buy. We first got into this, it was very important to get sterilization to the highest level as our customers were all westerners. Also, the stick had to fit in the auto clave. The next generation had to be from multiple pieces. As you can see from the picture below, we made the main stick from 3 pieces and the 4th piece is the tips.

We have this in stock.

You can see the different combinations that our stick system can be set up. It really does allow it to match your requirements, to match your style.

Price for this Thai Tattoo Hand Poke kit including shipping is £82, $115, €92 Thai Baht is the final price ฿3,500

                                            We have been in this hand poke business for about 15 years. In the early years Hand Poke Sticks were sharpened Bamboo and that is why it is referred to as Thai Bamboo style tattoos. It was very painful and damaged the skin. It was used for many thousands of years at least 5000 years. As metal became available it slowly replaced the Bamboo stick. The stainless-steel sticks have gone through many designs. At first the rod or stick, whatever you want to call it, was sharpened at the tip. So, it could only do a single dot on one stroke in the skin just like the Bamboo stick. That’s why you would see the early days of Thai tattoos were done as dots in a line to make the tattoo design. To join the dots as they are today would take a long time with a single dot. Example below.

The next advance was to cut the end of the Bamboo style stainless steel sticks and make two prongs. This would double the amount of ink put into the skin.

Below is an example of that. These are old and classic sticks. 

Below is a full picture of the stick/rod. It is made from a single piece of Stainless Steel, as in the early days all masters would only do Thai Sak Yant tattoos in there Sam Nak, and that translates to tattoo office or temple. It did not mater the sticks are so long.

Below is a packet of, 1000 loose needles. These loose needles are tied or glued to the stainless-steel tips. It was time consuming and not accurate.

Tattoo machines have multiple needles and that’s why they do good tattoos. So, we had to try and do the same. Below we developed a system where we had many needles. Watch the video below how we did it.

After this we developed new plastic disposable tips, shown below. Which can be bought in various sizes in sterilized bags and boxed.

Below is what you can expect of the high quality Hand Poke Tattoos with these latest design sticks

Below 2 more sticks that have been blessed with gold leafed for good business and luck. They have been handmade from stainless steel, brass and hard wood. The cost of one of these is $175 with 4 tips. 

Below is a Hand Poke Kit with the new design that clamps machine needles and old style two prong tips. All tips are inter changeable.

Hand Poke Kits

Below are machine needles without the stem.

Hand Poke Tattoo Machine Needles

Below is the new tips to show the size with the needles and Allen/Hex tool to clamp the needles with the screw.


hand poke stick and tips hygienic sanitizer by autoclave.