How To Use GarageBand in Windows?

GarageBand is an Apple sound program that has been utilized by some easily recognized names to create music. It is a standout amongst the most prominent sound projects out there yet it is just for Apple. There is no Windows adaptation and just a single way that I am aware of to influence it to take a shot at Windows.

GarageBand was evidently named for the some now-celebrated groups who started making music in their carport. The program empowers you to start making music whether you can play an instrument or don’t possess one. With numerous music stars affirming to utilize GarageBand, it’s no big surprise others need to take part in the demonstration.

On the off chance that you look for ‘GarageBand for Windows’ you will probably observe bunches of sites offering Windows forms of this program. As far as anyone is concerned, these are on the whole fakes. There are no Windows renditions of GarageBand and I think these downloads are fake and loaded with adware or malware. I would avoid such sites and utilize one of these contrasting options to GarageBand for Windows.


The main true blue approach to utilize the best alternative for garageband windows pc in Windows is to make a Mac virtual machine. I run MacOS Sierra inside VirtualBox and it works immaculately. In the event that your Windows PC has the assets to run a VM form then this is the main way I know to have the capacity to run GarageBand.

I’ll talk you through making a Mac virtual machine and after that heap GarageBand onto it.

You will require a duplicate of MacOS Sierra and a duplicate of VirtualBox to make this work. The connected duplicate of MacOS Sierra is put away on Google Drive and was made by TechReviews. It is sheltered and I have utilized it.

Download and introduce VirtualBox onto your PC. Set up VirtualBox and introduce it onto a drive with heaps of free hard circle space.

Download a duplicate of MacOS Sierra onto your PC. Concentrate the substance.

  1. Open VirtualBox and select New to make the VM.
  2. Give it a significant name.

Set the Guest OS as Apple Mac OS X and the adaptation as Mac OS X 10.11 or 10.12.

  • Apportion as much memory as you can and select Create a virtual circle now.
  • Select Create.
  • Select the new virtual circle and select Settings.
  • Evacuate the Hard plate and select Use an Existing Virtual Disk.
  • Explore to download of Sierra and select the Sierra.vmdk record.

Explore to Documents\Virtual Machines in Windows Explorer and right tap the VMX record.

  • Glue ‘smc.version = “0” ‘ to the finish of the record and spare it.
  • Select the System tab in Settings and ensure Floppy isn’t checked.
  • Select the Acceleration tab in System and check the crate alongside Intel VT-x.
  • Select OK to leave Settings and select the green Start bolt to stack the VM.

Stacking may take a while relying upon how quick your PC is. Be understanding and have an espresso or something on the off chance that it is requiring investment. The Sierra picture is great and I have fabricated a few of these so it works. You will see the Apple establishment screen sooner or later where you should set your chance zone, set up a record and secret word and set up parts. This is all typical.

In the event that you see mistakes stacking the virtual machine, or any VM, check your BIOS to guarantee Intel VT-x is empowered. This is a fundamental virtualization work that is required for VMs to work. On the off chance that you see the Apple boot logo and the VM keeps resetting, return to VirtualBox Settings and change the Version under the General tab to either a more up to date or more seasoned Guest and attempt once more.

So now you ought to have a working duplicate of MacOS Sierra running in a VM inside Windows. Presently two or three activities previously we get GarageBand working.

Open Terminal inside your Apple VM

Presently your Apple work area ought to be considerably more usable. Presently you can buy and download a duplicate of GarageBand from the App Store.

  • Open your MacOS Sierra VM and select the Apple symbol in the upper left.
  • Select App Store and play out any framework refreshes recorded there.

Look for GarageBand and select Get. Give it a chance to download and introduce onto your PC.

You will require an Apple ID to have the capacity to download from the App Store. You don’t need to claim a genuine Apple gadget to get an Apple ID. Select Create Apple ID and make a halfhearted effort, at that point sign in utilizing that Apple ID and select Install App. GarageBand will now download and introduce onto your Apple VM and you can start utilizing it immediately.